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July 13, 2024

Since decades, there has been a conflict between the LGBTQ+ community’s video games and their own culture. Many feel marginalized due to the misrepresentation of LGBT+ people, and even their denial. As gaming continues to reflect the world around us, it’s more vital than ever to ensure that players have the right to be the person they like and be able to see themselves on screen. It’s fantastic that many games feature romance options, or plots featuring gay, lesbians, bisexuals transgenders, as well as non-binary characters.

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There are many queer-themed story games to play. Undertale, the cult hit role-playing video game, has at least five characters who are gay. Three of them have important roles, based on the game you choose. This game promotes empathy and tackles the issue of sexual orientation honestly.

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Life Is Strange is one of the most famous LGBTQ stories ever to be told in video games. The acclaimed series allowed players to explore a brand new story every month, and their choices within the game influenced the story. The first game was a hint on Max Caulfield’s bisexuality while 2017 prequel Before the Storm made it an official canon. In the just published True Colours installment, players get to decide for themselves whether the empathetic Alex Chen romances adorkable D&D mastermind Steph. This indie game’s heart-wrenching romantic love story is a strong declaration of the power acceptance of oneself and love.

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Mass Effect 3 and 4 are both openly LGBTQ-friendly, including a myriad of NPCs that are able to be romanced. This feature continues in BioWare’s latest game, Dragon Age: Inquisition featuring an impressive group of lovingly depicted queer characters, including an incredibly created transman.

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In the 2017 dating sim Dream Daddy, you can have any number of relationships with dads that are gay or straight. The hilarious dad jokes cause you to laugh and the game explores real-life issues LGBT people are confronted with.

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Mortal Kombat, a fighting game series, also features an openly gay. In Mortal Kombat X’s Story Mode, Kung Jin Kung Jin, the main character is implied to be gay. tendencies in addition to Mileena, Tanya, and other characters exhibit signs of attraction.

Stardew Valley, an action-adventure AAA game, is a great example of a game which is completely romantically inclusive. The fantasy RPG allows you to engage NPCs of any gender and it’s not unusual for players to be in a lesbian relationship with the character Lily, or to romance the transgender female character Jade. The upcoming revival of the popular game Baldur’s Gate will also include an extensive cast of LGBTQ characters, including women who are transgender or non-binary and a female-only spaceship crew and two female characters. The list could go on, but hopefully it will continue to expand as more developers are aware of the importance of inclusivity when it comes to gaming.